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Strategy, Branding & Packaging Design.

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Owner + Founder

Pretty Lethal Designs LLC
Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Chicago, Illinois

Bringing Global Brand Techniques
to Craft Businesses

I launched my own branding studio in 2014 to help small businesses grow their brands intentionally for better results in areas throughout their company, not just marketing.  Adapting the best practices used in national and global brands, I’ve formulated a process that blends sharp insights and strategies with stunning designs to build brands that are as clever as they are beautiful.

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A Career Built in Branding

My expertise pulls from a career of working on the global brand teams of Fortune 500 companies, where I was often sought after for high level projects.

Applying my skills and experience to help start-ups and small businesses optimize their impact led to the blend of insightful strategy and stunning designs that Pretty Lethal Designs uses to develop brands that are as smart as they are beautiful.


Chicago Born, British Trained

After years of classic fine art training at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago during high school, I took my skills abroad to earn a degree in Graphic Communication from one of the top 10 design schools in the United Kingdom.

There I was taught a more strategic approach to design that aims to solve problems and enhance communication in ways that aren’t often found in the US.  Learning this approach that’s based in design-thinking and clever approaches to creativity fueled my focus into identity design, typography and branding.

Advocate for Cannabis + CBD

Like most DARE-era kids, my views on marijuana were negative—even through my college years. It wasn’t until my 20s when friends with debilitating, sometimes life-threatening, chronic illnesses found relief on the Illinois medical program that my views changed. With curiosity piqued, the more research into the cannabis plant expanded my interest.

Research and interest in the plant took me to conferences nationwide, where I learned more about the applications of cannabis for my own conditions, such as chronic pain diseases and the lasting physical and emotional damage of recurrent pregnancy loss.

Living in the full prohibition state of Wisconsin, safe and legal access is currently unavailable. While supporting legalization advocacy groups, I’m doing what I can to help Wisconsin hemp farmers and cultivators bring our state’s immaculate craftsmanship to the CBD industry.


Southeastern Wisconsin NORML
Cannabis Industry Association of Wisconsin
LocalFirst Milwaukee

I’m Helping to Elevate

Diverse Leadership:

In Cannabis

Being a business owner, I understand the unique challenges women can face in the industry and support organizations that help diverse entrepreneurs access the community and connections that grow a successful cannabis business.

Sponsoring & Supporting Events by:
WomenGrow® Leadership Summit
Synergy Sesh
Tokeativity® Madison, WI

in Creative

Seeing scarce mentorship and leadership opportunities in the creative industry for women and people of color, I’m sharing my own skills to elevate others.

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