client //

Cafe N Play, Naperville Moms Network

industry //

coffee shop, café, children’s imaginative play

objective //

Develop an identity and brand for Cafe N Play, a flagship meeting spot for local mom’s group Naperville Moms Network.

design intent //

As both a children’s play spot and an adult coffee shop, the logo for Cafe N Play had to have elements of playfulness and whimsy to reflect the children’s imaginative play aspect of the business while still being restrained and sophisticated enough to appeal to adults looking for a place to enjoy a cup of coffee and free WiFi while their children played.

This delicate yet juxtaposing balance was kept in mind throughout the development of the identity and the branding. The coffee cup and clean design aesthetic helped to reflect the cozy coffee shop for grownups while the bubble blower coffee stirrer that has bubble playfully training above brings in the fun children’s play space.

Pulling from NMN’s color palette, the chocolate brown became a primary hue to not only subtly reflect the coffee element of the business, but also to provide a basis with depth and sophistication. Cafe N Play brings it’s own unique color to the palette with it’s warm, inviting and cozy dark pumpkin orange hue. Accents of turquoise and green from NMN’s palette bring in light elements of fun and whimsy to the logo.

By reflecting NMN’s colors and fonts into Cafe N Play’s branding, the association and strong connection between the two groups is being shown to those familiar with both groups, without having to resort to lockups of the logos that may confuse those who may not be associated or interested in Naperville Moms Network.

In order to give Cafe N Play it’s own identity, a unique pattern was developed to differentiate Cafe N Play collateral apart from NMN’s. Unique graphic elements such a bubble blowers with colorful overlapping bubbles, various ribbon elements, and even an owl mascot were created so that, despite being connected to NMN, Cafe N Play had its own fully fleshed out identity in it’s own right.