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Chicago Tafia Welsh Society

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events & community for British exapts in Chicago


Create a new identity for the Chicago Tafia Welsh Society in honor of their 15 year anniversary

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Hiraeth is a term used by the Welsh to describe a longing for the homeland, and for Welsh living in Chicago, that can mean a longing for real ale, real bacon and a game of rugby. The Chicago Tafia Welsh society provides some hiraeth relief and is one of the most active Welsh societies in America, with members frequently getting together for rugby games and cultural celebrations.

Combining two key elements of the group’s story – their Welsh roots and Chicago home, a new logo was created that blends the red colors and dragon of the Welsh flag with the blue color and stars of the Chicago flag.

The new identity was designed with old rugby clubs and British societies in mind to be both recognizable and regarded.  It is the intent for the esteemed mark to proudly be emblazoned on pint glasses, t-shirts and other fare for members and fans to purchase to keep the Tafia running for future generations of expats.