client //


industry //

digital magazine, cooking & recipes, artisanal food, blog, cooking personality

objective //

Craft an identity, branding strategy and Creative Direction for MommaCuisine’s beta project, Great Every Meals digital magazine with the intent to attract high quality advertisers.

design intent //

Fresh, friendly and versatile were the main themes for this new magazine. The overall look needed to be clean and uncomplicated so that the type, graphic elements and design don’t compete with what’s most important in this magazine: the food.

Despite the clean aesthetic, the brand’s personality had to resonate with the founder and curator’s personality which was buoyant, friendly and energetic. By using a clean typeface with fun, rounded serifs in both roman and italics, the fresh and fun aspects of the brand’s personality are balanced.

Versatility of the logo was important in order to be displayed on it’s own for promotional use while also having a similar but slightly adapted version that is easily and consistently adaptable for each issue of the magazine. The overall brand also needed to be able to seamlessly be applied to a variety of cooking styles, recipe themes and content areas while maintaining the fresh, clean aspects of the brand.

Also developed were the templates and layout grids for each content section of the digital magazine. The construction of the templates had to be mindful of how the multiple platforms that the magazine would be displayed upon, with prime focus on tablet display. Layouts also had to include layout options for the various advertising spaces made available in each section.

To further support Great Everyday Meals, a website and advertising media kit were also created.