HelloFresh U.K.



HelloFresh™ U.K.


Subscription Box, Health Food Delivery


Develop a packaging template for HelloFresh™ UK that emphasizes their motto of ‘More than Food’. One generic design template will be used for a whole range of ingredients such as nuts, seeds, etc.

Packets will be included with fresh ingredients in HelloFresh™ delivery boxes delivered throughout the United Kingdom.


I love that HelloFresh wants customers to feel as though they are opening a treasure trove each time they open their box. My goal for the designs was to follow that idea and develop packaging that looks and feels special—helping to ignite excitement in the customer while reinforcing values of quality, freshness and approachability.

I also used HelloFresh’s principal of connecting customers to passionate producers to create packaging designs that really highlight the ingredients inside. Using a large window space to showcase the food will also ensure that there is clarity on what food is in the package, particularly since this same template will be used for various ingredients.


Using the idea of modern but nostalgic as a basis, this packaging option uses a mix of custom hand-lettering with vintage-inspired typefaces.

This combination of lettering provides a personal, hand-crafted touch that is balanced with the clean and strong type—tying together the ideas of clean but not perfect while providing a very rustic and nostalgic aesthetic.

The simple use of color reinforces the clean and polished aesthetic while the white background is fresh, bright and clean yet will stand out in the box of ingredients.


This packaging option uses custom hand-lettering to make customers feel like they’ve received something special and high-quality.

This concept reinforces the idea that HelloFresh is connecting the customer to passionate producers who take the same care in the food they produce as HelloFresh takes with its design.

The lettering also aligns with the direction of modern but nostalgic, cool but friendly and reinforces the brand descriptors of fresh, rustic, fun, quality, character, approachable, happy and empowering.


Stepping back into HelloFresh’s current branding style, we placed more emphasis on the HelloFresh logo and used the kraft paper style look to bring the design in line with the current HelloFresh brand style.

We also took inspiration from the design of the HelloFresh UK delivery boxes to simplify the ‘More than Food’ artwork, while still retaining a rustic character and hand-crafted feel.

This friendly style continues on the back with the ‘Connect With Us’ wording.


There were a few important items I needed to keep in mind when creating the design for HelloFresh’s new ingredient packets.


Since these packets would be used for multiple supplementary ingredients—like nuts, seeds, dried fruit, breadcrumbs, etc.—the design needed to be beautiful yet generic enough to be appropriate for any ingredient it may contain.


Designs needed to follow all U.K. food packaging regulations and requirements. Everything from text size to allergen disclosures needed to be included on these small packets.


Since these packet design is a template that will be customized for each ingredient—the design needed to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of ingredient name lengths, ingredient descriptions, nutrition information and allergens.