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Hyatt Hotels Corporation

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objective //

New developments were underway for Hyatt House and Hyatt Place hotels that would share building space, personnel, services and more to varying degrees. These dual brand hotels would be separate identities, but in certain circumstances would need materials that would show both brands in order to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Previously, dual branded materials had been created, but were not clear or consistent in messaging or design.

The goal was to present both brands equally and effectively within dual branded materials without allowing imbalance, marketing confusion and without creating an entirely new brand.

design intent //

The focus of the developed strategy for creative execution is to display each property’s unique differences through similar features, employing iconography and imagery to reinforce the message.

This approach allow the differences of the two brands to be highlighted through their similarities. This simple, yet smart approach makes it easy for consumers to understand messaging—whether an ad, van wrap or brochure. Copy further emphasizes the features of each property while reinforcing that this is a partnership between the two brands, NOT a merger.

Logo Lockup:

Putting the logo lockup at the top of the design layout makes it immediately clear that the brands are working together, but not being merged together. This sets the tone for the remainder of the messaging and design.


The Gotham typeface provides a clean, friendly and flexible typography family that fits both brands well when speaking from a dual-property perspective. The typographic treatment of the headline subtly reflects the pairing of both brands by using bold caps (reflective of Hyatt Place) and book title case (reflective of Hyatt house). Centering the copy within the design makes it clear that the messaging is on behalf of both brands with one voice.


With both brands featuring similar creative direction with imagery, it became a challenge to show images in a way that made it clear which brand the image belonged to.

By implementing images paired and ‘mirrored’ with each other, we present main features that both hotels share while simultaneously highlighting differences in how each hotel provides said features.


To keep the design neutral and balanced, color is used subtly. We have used white space to guide focus towards the property imagery versus brand elements. Using the primary hero color for each brand name brings in their individuality without competing or overpowering each other.


In order for the iconography to work together, icon usage needs to be limited to one icon per brand on each design. Similar to the photography strategy, the icons should be paired and reflect either the same feature (wifi) or each brand unique offering in a particular category (kitchen suite/cozy corner).

Icons can be used in white on top of the main images or used within a color block. When used in color blocks, icons should not be placed next to each other within the layout in order to keep them from competing with one another.