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MyMües Müesli


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MyMües is an artisan Australian food brand that hand-crafts ready-to-eat single serving pots of carefully sourced muesli with fresh yogurt and seasonal fruit.

In order to move from catering to retail, MyMües needed to expand their emerging brand with eye-catching packaging, provoking POS signage and professionally designed business cards.


Coming from a referral-based catering business, MyMües was looking to refine their brand and infuse more personality and purpose into their retail product lines.

Using their existing logo and their vision to create a brand presence that is sexy, cheeky and unexpected, I created a creative direction for their packaging, stationary and advertising that fits their brand while communicating their product’s artisan quality.


Small food packages mean small labels, which presents a tough design challenge. 

To reinforce the subtle innuendo of the product names, I created a label design that is inspired by the idea of a clandestine note written in lipstick on a napkin.  Instead of lipstick hues, the packaging colors reflect the individual flavors of each product.

Simple illustrations of the fruit flavors are also included to support the flavor differentiation while also adding extra imaginative innuendo. For those with minds on the dirtier side, at least.


Supporting their high-end brand, I designed a business card for MyMües that is elegant, fresh and bright.

Splashes of colors simply and elegantly hint at their muesli product with vibrant berry and hearty grain colored abstract splashes with the fresh, milky paper layered in the middle.


There were a few important things we had to keep in mind when creating the label design for MyMües.


Since these packaging design is a template that will be customized for each ingredient—the design needed to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of ingredient name lengths, ingredient descriptions, nutrition information and allergens.


As a new product, MyMües needed to emerge onto the market with clear intentions of what kind of market they are trying to capture and appeal towards.


The labels have to meet the standards of the Australian government, which meant using the required minimum font sizes, the new made in Australia labeling and the Australian format for nutrition labels.